Token Rewards

    e-Money Token Rewards

    A Layered Approach to Token Rewards

    Transaction Fees

    Layer 1

    Staking Rewards

    Layer 2

    Transaction Fees

    Layer 1
    • Centralised fee model for a great user experience. Transactions gets committed immediately.

    • NGM can be used to pay transaction fees.

    • Payment transactions incur a fee of EUR 0.01 equivalent.

    • Placing orders on the limit order book (DEX) incur a fee of EUR 0.01 equivalent.

    • There are currently no execution fees on the DEX but these could be introduced at a later time.

    Staking Rewards

    Layer 2
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      A single staking token (NGM) is used to secure the e-Money network by staking it with one or more validators.

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      The total supply of NGM is continuously inflated. The inflation rate is currently 10% per year.

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      The inflated tokens are distributed pro-rata as staking rewards to accounts who staked tokens. *

    Key Takeaways
    • NGM supply increases with inflation for staking rewards and is reduced by buyback and burning.

    • The NGM token must be staked to receive any rewards.

    • Staking rewards are paid to secure the e-Money network. Not staking results in getting diluted.

    • Transaction fees grows with adoption of the e-Money network for payments and trading.

    Token Distribution
    Ecosystem Fund
    Customer Aquisition
    Liquidity & Listing Fees
    Seed & Private Sale
    Public Sale
    Staking Yield: 0.00%

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